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This site contains a directory to online resources, scientific literature, and books, as well as an area for announcements and discussion. It also incorporates web 2.0 features by linking to a Google Site that allows you to participate by posting resources and contributing to online discussions. Our hope is that it will become a primary resource on the Internet for people interested in mental health and spirituality.

About the Initiative

California Institute for Mental HealthThe California Mental Health & Spirituality Initiative was launched in June 2008 through voluntary financial contributions from 51 of the County Behavioral Health authorities in California. The Initiative is a non-profit entity based at the Center for Multicultural Development at the California Institute for Mental Health in Sacramento, California.

The Initiative's goals include:

  • Increasing awareness of spirituality as a potential resource in mental health wellness, recovery, and multicultural competency
  • Encouraging collaboration among faith-based organizations, mental health services providers, consumers, family members, and communities in combating stigma and reducing disparities in access to services for diverse populations

Read article in California Psychologist on the Initiative
See an article in the online magazine, Religion Dispatches about the Initiative and the June 2009 conferences.


LA CountyListen to the workshops from the 2009 Northern and Southern California Conferences

Please contact us at mentalhealthandspirituality@gmail.com

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